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Cath Bishop is an experienced speaker who draws on her experience from two high-pressure careers - as an Olympic rower and a senior diplomat specialising in conflict stabilisation - to bring insights into the mindset, behaviours and culture that underpin high performance and effective leadership.

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About Cath

Cath works as a speaker, facilitator, coach, writer, researcher and consultant, bringing insights into high performance, leadership and teams.  Drawing on her unique combination of experience across Olympic sport and conflict diplomacy, Cath works with organisations who want to build effective teams, enable cultural transformation and develop effective leaders.

Watch Cath's TEDX talk on resilience

Cath Bishop Speaker TedX talk

Click here to watch Cath's TEDx talk on resilience

Cath's currently writing a book about The Long Win, an examination of our obsession with winning and a fresh perspective on how we might redefine what winning means in order to be more successful.

Cath is an awesome collaborator, whether as a co-presenter, keynote facilitator or leadership consultant

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