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Superheros or mortals? The dangers of immortality & a lost opportunity
I am struck by the steady stream of superhuman sports stars starting to reveal a less than superhuman reality behind[...]
What does winning really mean?
As I continue my research into society’s obsession with winning, whether in sport, business or education, I see repeatedly that[...]
Get to the barricades – we need to start challenging & bringing down those assumptions!
“Assumptions are made and most are wrong” – Albert Einstein I find myself spending more and more time thinking about[...]
Why oh Why oh why?
I sometimes feel like I'm in a parallel universe during that initial conversation with a leader or executive who asks[...]
Sporting superstars?
Sporting superstars….  they’re easy to spot, pictures in the tabloids all the time, expensive watches and jewellery, quite a few[...]
Lessons from Living and Working in a Complex, Hostile Environment
One of the challenges for civilians working in complex, hostile environments, in unstable conflict-ridden parts of the world, is how[...]

Other Writing

The impact of high staff turnover on company culture.

Politics and the performance mindset: Why Britain needs a Crazy Goal

Training Journal, March 2019

Cath is currently writing and researching about the subject of Winning and how it affects the way we approach success in the workplace, in sport and in schools. See 'The Winning Project' page