The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed.

My first book The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed was published in October 2020. The book explores our cultural obsession with winning and how it affects the way we approach work, sport, education and beyond. Through a combination of my own personal story and others’ stories, research and interviews I look at some of the consequences of a win-at-all-costs approach and propose a new way of redefining success, The Long Win, based on:

  • Clarity of what matters: developing a sense of purpose and meaning beyond simply coming first or hitting short-term targets
  • Constant learning: recognizing and focusing on learning, progress and personal growth rather than outcomes and extrinsic rewards
  • Connection: prioritizing cooperation and collaboration over competition, creating authentic relationships rather than transactional ones, understanding each other beyond our superficial CVs

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Listed as one of the FT's Top Business Books
& Daily Mail's Top Sports Books for 2020

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A stimulating book that takes the concept of succeeding and gives it a makeover. Powerful and profound.

Matthew Syed

It couldn't be a more relevant book right now.

Goldie Sayers

Olympic Javelin Medallist

A must-read for educators, business executives, policymakers, politicians.

Dame Helena Morrissey

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“Winning rarely brings what we think it might. Finding ‘bigger’ reasons to compete is not only a better strategy for winning more often, it allows sport to shine in a healthier context. ”  Jason Dorland, Olympian, Author, High performance Coach

"The short term win is very indicative of businesses reacting for today only and not focusing on the longer term."  Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator

"It's not the winning, it's how you win, the people you win with... human connection is the ultimate marker of success"  Alex Danson, Olympic Hockey Champion

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