The Long Win

My current research and writing project explores how our obsession with 'Winning' affects the way we approach work, sport, education and beyond.  I am writing, interviewing and researching about how the impact of a narrow focus on 'winning' affects what we actually achieve and experience, and I propose a new way of thinking about success - ''The Long Win" - based on a broader and longer-term perspective, with clarity about what winning means beyond a moment in time, supported by new language and a new way of thinking built on a shared platform with others.

“Winning rarely brings what we think it might. Finding ‘bigger’ reasons to compete is not only a better strategy for winning more often, it allows sport to shine in a healthier context. ”  Jason Dorland, Olympian, Author, High performance Coach

"The short term win is very indicative of businesses reacting for today only and not focusing on the longer term."  Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator

"It's not the winning, it's how you win, the people you win with... human connection is the ultimate marker of success"  Alex Danson, Olympic Hockey Champion

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