Voice America Interview: The search for a better way to succeed

What truly is winning? Do you still win if you come second in the world, or have you lost? What if you come last or experience a business failure though learn lessons that last a lifetime? Is that a loss or winning in disguise? My guest Dr Cath Bishop is an Olympian, former diplomat, business coach and consultant, and author of ‘The Long Win’, listed in the FT’s Top 10 Business Books 2020. She competed in rowing at 3 Olympic Games, winning World Championships gold in 2003 and Olympic silver in Athens 2004. As a diplomat for the British Foreign Office for 12 years, Cath specialized in policy and negotiations on conflict issues, with postings to Bosnia and Iraq. Cath now works as a leadership consultant, executive coach, facilitator, and author. On this episode of The Business Elevation Show, we’ll discuss the lessons from Cath’s first book ‘The Long Win: the search for a better way to succeed’ described by the Financial Times as ‘a deep and rewarding exploration of human motivation in sport, politics, business, and our personal lives’. Join us as we explore Cath’s search for a better way to succeed and discover what winning really is.

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