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Dr Cath Bishop is an Olympic medalist rower, former diplomat and now  works as a business coach and speaker and teaches on Executive Education programmes at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Her book ‘The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed’ looks at our obsession with the cultural phenomenon of winning and how we might find a better way to drive success. Tracing the obsession with winning  through education, business, sport and politics, Cath identifies how a narrow, short-term view of winning – crossing the line first in a race, hitting your annual business targets, getting A grades at school – is holding us back engaging staff meaningfully with their work.

The Long Win proposes a new approach to success based on the Three Cs: Clarity, Constant Learning and Connection. Focusing on clarifying what matters, our longer-term purpose and motivations, recognizing learning and personal growth over external outcomes, and prioritizing human connections so that we collaborate with others rather than compete against them.

Join us as we discuss Clarity, Constant Learning and Connection

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